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2015-08-06 10:46:18 / Author Views 3040Total views: 3040 / 10Views for 7 days: 10 Count photos 7
Most Japanese cars crave for further modifications, tuning projects and upgrades. Toyota MR2 makes no exception either, especially since the Japanese unit has already been designed in a sporty manner. The one in this video was clearly enhanced...
2015-08-04 06:46:25 / Author Views 1751Total views: 1751 / 5Views for 7 days: 5 Count photos 7
Toyota Hilux is a world renowned pickup truck with an amazing reliability. It is used all over the globe. This commercial underlines its great quality standards, as well as the extreme functionality and performance. It pictures a man...
2015-07-26 08:56:02 / Author Views 4926Total views: 4926 / 8Views for 7 days: 8 Count photos 6
Sequoia is considered to be the largest tree in the world. On the same principle, Toyota Sequoia is among the largest SUVs you can find in commerce today. It was introduced more than a decade ago and represents...
2015-07-09 01:01:04 / Author Views 2691Total views: 2691 / 8Views for 7 days: 8 Count photos 6
Accept it, some cars aren’t made for performing stunts in a forest like this. The muddy track and difficult turns require a car with great specs to be safe and do some drifting and sliding. However, this Toyota...
2015-07-06 23:43:48 / Author Views 3632Total views: 3632 / 3Views for 7 days: 3 Count photos 9
This is a really creative and unique commercial of Toyota IST which need a bit of explaining to understand. Heavy beauty is how Toyota defines it, and it certainly doesn’t let the driver down when there is a...
2015-06-27 18:32:43 / Author Views 4243Total views: 4243 / 2Views for 7 days: 2 Count photos 7
We all search for a certain kind of feeling when we plan to buy a car. We want to experience what it’s like when somebody creates something just for us. Unless you build a custom car literally from...
2015-06-21 23:32:55 / Author Views 2097Total views: 2097 / 4Views for 7 days: 4 Count photos 8
I love fairy tales. Everyone should have their happy ending like this cute little toy bride. You can tell that she is a go-getter. First she saw the Toyota Auris and instead of coming up with a refined...
2015-06-17 07:43:21 / Author Views 2989Total views: 2989 / 12Views for 7 days: 12 Count photos 8
Toyota iQ has been produced in not more than one generation since 2008. The production is still ongoing though. The car is advertised to be a supermini one because it is very small. However, it is so small...
2015-06-16 12:21:26 / Author Views 1771Total views: 1771 / 4Views for 7 days: 4 Count photos 8
Toyota Soarer was mostly sold in Japan only. It was produced in 2005 and advertised as a luxury coupe. It came in more generations and engine variants. Most of them were quite powerful though. The Toyota car in...
2015-06-08 23:59:15 / Author Views 2453Total views: 2453 / 6Views for 7 days: 6 Count photos 6
One of the astonishing models to bring ancient look is Bugatti type 35 B. Although, it has undergone numerous changes to offer a fascinating ride to the car lovers. This car was released next to the type 39. The...
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